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Trail in Royal National Park - 25km -

From Garie Beach to Otford Train Station, 

Doing the famous Royal National park -near to Sydney- without car... it's possible! Taking the train in Sydney and going in Loftus (40 min). Walking to Audley Boatshed and finding kind people until Garie Beach by car. 
25km and 5 hours to join the train station, but awesome landscapes! Do not forget a lot of water before to go, we do not have any shops or water point before to arrive in the train station (nor food). 
It was hard but so amazing! We saw the Eight Pool, it was impressive and challenging,
However, I did not see any whales during this trail, I am sad about that. But, you could be a lucky man and going in Whales lookout (up to Garie Beach) and maybe appreciate a beautiful view with whales during the season (from May to November). We do not have the time to going at this lookout point because, you need to have two days to discover and walk in the whole park. You can sleep in the park, but you need to have a car to fully enjoy ! 

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